[axbom] Self-reflection

What do you want your future to look like?
January 22 - Issue #3

Per Axbom


Documenting the conflict between good intents and bad outcomes.

What do you want your future to look like?

You are not me.
Business & Personal
I’ve started 2017 with logging out of Facebook for a month. This has proven to be a great decision for me. Three weeks into the year I’ve read five books (halfway through my sixth), participated in a #uxchat about ethics, we’ve published two shows for UX Podcast, interviewed for a third and I’ve had time for reflection that allows me to approach this year with a heightened clarity of mind. I suppose, more than anything else, it indicates how much I overused Facebook. My greatest insight? Logging out wasn’t hard at all.
My book project has changed to be about ethics in design. I’m in the research stages, planning to spend time writing in the fall. I am, by my own design, making an exit from all my current client projects in June - allowing me to refocus my business to encompass more areas I feel increasingly passionate about: writing, coaching and podcasting.
Since doing my Fairytale Experiences talk, first at UX open and later at UXLx (Lisbon), my mind keeps questioning many of the things we as designers create, most often with the right intent but perhaps more often than we’d like to think: with less-than-great outcomes for the people we target.
Many of the changes I’m making in my work and outlook on life in general are coming about from more listening, and a lot of that listening is to my own voice; to my own ideas about long-term goals, time, relationships and passions. In fact, it is my impression that too few of us set aside time to listen to truths and insights that already exist within ourselves, thus failing to align ourselves with our own belief system and dismissing activities that could bring us more readily towards our personal goals.
This is why, in this newsletter, I am sharing several links that relate to listening and self-reflection. I hope you find them useful.
Remember to be you,
Coaching, listening & learning
Focus, by Henrik Kniberg
What Great Listeners Actually Do
The No. 1 Reason You Should Never Be Afraid to Try
Tech & Gadgets
Send Your Pocket Articles to Your Kindle
feedly - RSS reader / news digest
UX & Design
The future of design is words and data
What It Will Take for Us to Trust AI
Facebook's mysterious hardware division is working on tech to read brain waves that could let users send thoughts to each other
Long reads
Addicted to Your iPhone? You’re Not Alone
Interact London 2016: Gavin Strange - YouTube
If you speak Swedish you may also want to check out my own talk given at Word Usability Day 2016. It’s all about me questioning the path UX is on.
#149 War Stories with Steve Portigal - UX Podcast
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